Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Supermoon 2016

supermoon 2016
Things used:
Nikon coolpix p520
Nikon coolpix p520

It was on Facebook that I heard about The Supermoon to become visible again this year. I was excited and got interested since the last time it was seen is in the year 1948 (I wasn't brought into existence yet. lol). So, I looked for my camera and some stuff, went outside (I even thought of going somewhere high or top of the tallest building in our area), and took a lot of pictures. 

I started taking pictures of the moon last November 12th until November 14th, 2016 just to compare if it will really be different from the usual moon.

    I live in the Philippines, specifically in Davao City. The supermoon I expected is not really that SUPERMOON I see in the pictures taken from the other countries (it really depends as to where you are located).

    But the moon that appeared on November 14th is really different from the usual moon, since it's more brighter and a little bigger. (Please see pictures below)

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