Sunday, March 26, 2017

8th Mindanao Toy Convention 2017

Toy enthusiasts and Kpop fanatics gathers for the 8th Mindanao Toy Convention at Gaisano Mall of Davao. Toy enthusiast showcase their collectible action figures, model kits, diecast, lego and many more. while Kpop participants give their best moves to be the best at the dance floor.
Other contest: Mini 4WD, Toy Photography, Drawing, Yu gi oh and Rubik's Cube

Centerpiece Diorama

Action Figures

Some disaplay: One piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Code Geass, Avengers, Final Fantasy, Suicide Squad, Star Wars, Mortal Combat, Batman, Superman, Fate Night, Evangelion and many more.


Some display: Gundam, Transformers, Mecha Godzilla, Voltron and many more.


Some disaplay: Hotwheels, Tomy, Bat mobile, Back To The Future car, Need for speed, Volkswagen van and many more.

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